Work With Me

Let’s work together to help mindful, experience-driven travelers find and connect with your business or brand

My goal with A Wandering Foreigner is to share real, relatable, usable advice that other budget-minded travelers can use while traveling, whether that’s short- or long-term. Through this site, I aim to encourage others to get out, push themselves, explore, and live their most authentic lives.

I take pride in my loyal Wandering community and work hard to provide my readers with authentic, high-quality writing and advice with inspiring photography.

Does my work sound like something you’d like to join?


Let’s connect! With a strong background in integrated marketing, journalism, and food/travel public relations, I understand that unique and creative content is what hooks readers and gets them coming back for more. Here are a few things that A Wandering Foreigner can offer you:

  • Visibility in front of a unique and loyal audience that is growing by the day
  • Collaborative posts that promote your message
  • Trusted information about locations and destinations with the real facts to back it up
  • Access to a community that’s centered around experiential-travel, holistic living, and authentic lifestyles
  • Timely delivery and high-quality writing

If this sounds like something you’re into, please send an email to I read and reply to every email I get as quickly as possible.

A few collaborative opportunities for us to work together include:

  • Sponsored posts – please note that I disclose relationships with sponsored content to my readers at the bottom of each post. I like to be honest here!
  • Press trips and FAM trips
  • Hotel, hostel, restaurant and tour company reviews
  • Product reviews
  • Social media promotion and management
  • Social media takeovers and Twitter chats

It’s important to note that only brands and businesses that align with A Wandering Foreigner’s audience and messaging will be considered.

So, are you interested yet?

Send Casey an email at I look forward to our work together!