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Your Ultimate Guide to Ometepe Island, Nicaragua

After hundreds of hours there, and numerous blog posts here, about my beloved Ometepe Island in Nicaragua, I’ve finally put together, for you, my ultimate guide to my favorite Central American island. It’s slightly shocking that it’s taken me this long to put this specific post together given that I’ve spent months on the magical volcanic island. But, I’ve finally done it! Just for you. I partnered with Claire  ...

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León, Nicaragua: The Hits & Misses

My time in León, Nicaragua was combined with a variety of hits and misses. I spent 10 days in the surrounding León area between the city, beaches, and volcanoes. Compared to Granada, I think León has more to offer for activities, making it easy to spend days exploring. One thing to note about León: it’s hot. Like real hot. I could only spend about two to three days at a time in the city before escaping to find relief from the heat.  ...

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Matagalpa, Nicaragua: Why No Plan is the Best Plan

No plan is the best plan when traveling solo. You hear it over and over while traveling, but a lot of times this is easier said than done. Showing up to a new place with zero plan is difficult for many of us. It’s hard to show up and trust that everything is going to work out the way it should, but my time in Matagalpa, Nicaragua reminded me of this beautiful concept. How choosing to let go of the plan, let go of the  ...

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Granada, Nicaragua: A Reminder That We’re Never Alone

After five days on a sleepy, dreamy beach I arrived in busy and slightly overwhelming Granada, Nicaragua. The travel itself was actually one of the easier trips, taking a take a tuk-tuk to Las Salinas, a one hour bus to Rivas, and another two-hour bus to Granada. The journey overall was pretty seamless and I arrived in boiling hot Granada in the early afternoon – the first Latin American city I’ve visited since San Jose, Costa  ...

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Surfing in Popoyo, Nicaragua

Popoyo, Nicaragua was an unexpected addition to my every-evolving itinerary. I didn’t know the sleepy beach town even existed until I heard friends in Ometepe talking about how much they loved it; so when I heard my long-lost travel companion had plans to go, I decided to tag along. Before arriving, I assumed I’d be there for a maximum of two nights. I’m not a surfer, and while I love the ocean it scares me a bit. I figured  ...

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Magical Ometepe Island in Lake Nicaragua

You know when you find a place that’s so special it sucks you in and you feel like you can never leave? That was my experience on Isla de Ometepe in Lake Nicaragua. When I initially arrived on the island, I expected to stay for a few days. I’d explore the island, do a bit of hiking, meet some people, and be on my way to San Juan del Sur by the end of the week. That was not the case at all. When I arrived on the island I  ...

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From Santa Teresa to Nicaragua: The Tiny Victories of Solo Travel

Goodbye to Costa Rica After a relaxing week of beach lounging, reading, writing, and quality time with new friends, I had to say good-bye to Santa Teresa and the Nicoya Peninsula. We’ve spent nearly five weeks together. A sad moment, but I’m ready to move on and continue with my trip. Santa Teresa was the perfect way to ease myself back into the “real” world and I feel ready now to go off and travel solo for the next five weeks. After  ...