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Why I’m Owning My Fears of Traveling Solo

You never know what kind of response you’ll get when you tell people you’re planning a backpacking trip to South America as a solo female traveler. About 50 percent say, “Good for you! You’re going to have an amazing time and meet so many people – you’ll never actually be alone.” The other half give me a very concerned look and say something like “Do you know what you’re getting yourself  ...


4 Ways To Stay Motivated With Your Travel Goals

I have five months until I leave for South America but it feels like a lifetime away at times. When the end seems to be nowhere in site, it can be difficult to stay motivated, save money and keep your goals at the forefront. I’m no expert at this point, but I am learning along the way how I best to motivate myself to follow through. Here are four things I’m doing to stay motivated and make the trip feel real. 1) Research Where  ...


The Beginning

Casey. That’s me. At age 10. I’ve started what many tell me will be the greatest adventure of my life. On August 8, 2014, I walked away from a career in public relations to begin my own personal growth in a journey that will take me to places I’ve only dreamed. My whole life I’ve been a very goal-oriented person. I’m a Virgo, a natural-born planner with one foot in front of the other in what I thought was the  ...