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Your Ultimate Guide to Ometepe Island, Nicaragua

After hundreds of hours there, and numerous blog posts here, about my beloved Ometepe Island in Nicaragua, I’ve finally put together, for you, my ultimate guide to my favorite Central American island. It’s slightly shocking that it’s taken me this long to put this specific post together given that I’ve spent months on the magical volcanic island. But, I’ve finally done it! Just for you. I partnered with Claire  ...

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Is it Worth It? My Thoughts on Hiking Acatenango Volcano in Guatemala

Almost every country we visit has a “must do” tourist activity every person tells us to do. In Peru, it’s Machu Picchu. In Bolivia, it’s biking the Death Road. In Nicaragua, it’s volcano boarding down, Cerro Negro. In Guatemala, it’s hiking Acatenango volcano. Anybody and everybody I talked to about visiting Guatemala told me to hike Acatengango. “It’s absolutely amazing,” they told me.  ...

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How to Spend 36 Budget-Friendly Hours in Las Vegas

Las Vegas. I have such a love-hate relationship with Sin City. The last time I visited, I went with four girlfriends for my 25th birthday, and we were wild. These days, nearly five years later, I’m in an entirely different place in my life with a closer eye on my bank account. Whenever I hear the words Las Vegas all I can think is money signs because the reality is that you can have whatever you want in life in that weird, strange  ...

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4 Useful Ways to Accomplish Your 2017 Travel Goals

We’re already halfway through January. It’s hard to believe, I know. How’s it going with those travel goals you have? Are you working towards them, or are they in the abyss of dreams and you’re hoping they’ll just happen? I want you to travel this year. That is my wish for you. It’s time to start thinking ahead to make your adventures come true. Take some action and make moves. They don’t have to be  ...

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Visiting Colorado: A Guide to the Best Time Ever

I just left Denver, Colorado after visiting for 10 days and let me say this – Colorado is awesome. It’s got mountains, deserts, cities, small towns, and big skies. Professional sports and top-tier restaurants all with an endless supply of fresh air and outdoor activities. Denver is one of the fastest growing cities in the country and Colorado is one of the fastest growing states, and it’s easy to see why. When I arrived in  ...

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A Must-Visit Guide to Colombia

Colombia. I love everything about you. The people, the cities, the towns, the culture, the scenery, it’s making its way back on the tourist and backpacker map and once you’ve visited it’s easy to see why. Known for its drug trade and violent history, Colombia has so much more to offer than many people realize. I spent a month traveling through the country and had a hard time tearing myself away from it. When I arrived, I  ...

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10 Tips for Surviving a Long-Ass Flight

For a girl who enjoys traveling more than anything, I really, really hate airports, airplanes, and airport security. I hate the process. The whole thing feels like cattle being herded from gate to gate, checkpoint to checkpoint. You’re stuck in the airport until you arrive, which could be anywhere from several hours to days later. The destination is, of course, why we put up with the entire process but I certainly don’t enjoy the  ...

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Five Things to Remember if You Want to Be a Nomad

Full definition of NOMAD: an individual who roams about Examples of NOMAD in a sentence: He lived like a nomad for a few years after college, never holding a job in one place for very long. <after college she became quite the nomad, backpacking through Europe with no particular destination> The question I’m asked most often when people hear about my pack-up-and-go lifestyle is, “How are you able to travel so much?”  ...

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Considering Global Entry? Here’s What I Learned

Recently TSA and airport security in the US has been a bit of a mess. The lines at security check points are commonly out the door and the waiting time is two to three hours on average, which means you’re getting to the airport hours early and you still might miss your flight. Then there’s the customs’ line when re-entering the country, which is usually never under an hour. Given that I just re-lived this experience two  ...