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Why You’ll Feel Like Indiana Jones When Visiting Tikal Ruins

It’s a well-known fact that I love ruins. I post a bit obsessively about how much I love visiting them; like when I visited Pompeii, Italy, or that time I trekked the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu. I posted a picture last week on Instagram with a caption I ❤️ ruins, and my friend joked that she’s going to make me a t-shirt with that caption, which I’ll gladly accept and wear with honor. It’s a thing for me. Walking around hundred-year-old  ...

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Visiting Semuc Champey: The Journey From Hell That’s Totally Worth It

“The road’s a pain in the a$$ but totally worth it.” That’s what everyone told me when I said I was going to Semuc Champey in Guatemala. They were right. The journey is terrible, no matter where you start. And the last hour is particularly special as you lumber through potholes dodging and swerving around trucks and cars along the narrow, twisting dirt road. The end result when arriving is a small, remote Guatemalan  ...

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Lake Atitlan: Reconnecting with Myself by a Volcanic Lake

Lake Atitlan in Guatemala has been high on my list of places to visit for a while now. I think, especially, because I’ve spent so much time on Ometepe Island in Nicaragua that it felt like an obvious assumption I would love Lake Atitlan as well. Lake Atitlan is beautiful, and I did enjoy it. For those of us that may or may not believe it, both Ometepe Island in Lake Nicaragua and Lake Atitlan offer a similar, spiritual and healing  ...

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Is it Worth It? My Thoughts on Hiking Acatenango Volcano in Guatemala

Almost every country we visit has a “must do” tourist activity every person tells us to do. In Peru, it’s Machu Picchu. In Bolivia, it’s biking the Death Road. In Nicaragua, it’s volcano boarding down, Cerro Negro. In Guatemala, it’s hiking Acatenango volcano. Anybody and everybody I talked to about visiting Guatemala told me to hike Acatengango. “It’s absolutely amazing,” they told me.  ...

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El Tunco, El Salvador: A Complete Dissapointment

We’ve all been there. We’re so excited to visit a place. We have visions of what it will be like and the things we’ll do, and everyone tells us how much we’ll love it. Then we arrive… and it’s a bust. That’s what happened to me when I went to El Tunco, El Salvador. I was really looking forward to El Tunco. Since returning to Central America, I haven’t spent any time near the ocean, and many  ...

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What It’s Like to Live in an Eco-Community in Nicaragua

If you asked me years ago before I started traveling if I could see myself living in an eco-community, I would have laughed in your face. There’s no way I’d see myself there. It would have been way too crunchy, way too granola, way too hippie for me. And yet, here I am. By the time I leave, I will have spent seven weeks (this time) living in the jungle of Ometepe Island in Nicaragua. In all of my years traveling, I’ve never  ...

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How Long-Term, Solo Travel Has Helped Silence My Inner Control Freak

Recently, I was looking out over the island towards the looming volcano Concepción, contemplating life and having a moment with myself. The conversation inside my head was the question that’s often asked during my solo travels: do I stay where I am or do I go. It was in this moment when I realized that at this exact point in time I have the most freedom I’ve ever had in my entire life. I don’t have a job other than  ...


Six Reasons Why Every New Yoga Teacher Should Teach & Travel

For every yoga teacher out there in the world, we can all probably relate on some level that when you first start teaching, it’s hard and scary. It requires you to dig deep and make yourself vulnerable to what’s happening within. It also makes you vulnerable to judgment, criticism, and your personal weaknesses, which is hard to stomach if you’re not ready. I can only speak for myself here, but when I finished teaching my  ...

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Where Am I Now: Living in an Eco-Village in Nicaragua

Yes. You read that right. I am currently living in an eco-village in Nicaragua. But not just anywhere in Nicaragua. I’m on Ometepe Island in Lake Nicaragua, one of the most special places I’ve encountered during my years of travel. What can I say? This island has me hooked. Not only that, I’m living with an earth-based spiritual community called InanItah. What Happens When Things Don’t Go as Planned How did I end up here? I’ve been asking  ...